Data protection is probably not your favourite topic.

But it’s ours. And has been for more than 18 years

To enable you to concentrate on your core business, as a consultancy we have deliberately specialised in all aspects of data protection. For us, data protection is an inseparable combination of the law, processes and IT. At Magellan we call this holistic consulting approach “embedded tech lawyering®”.

Thanks to our almost two decades of experience in data protection consulting, we ensure data protection-compliant processes and accordingly legal security – without interfering with your existing workflows.

Thanks to in-depth industry expertise and interdisciplinary know-how, our consultants approach the tasks you set us at the highest professional level and with practical focus. In this way, we create individual solutions together which are made to measure for your company.

Why should you be satisfied with less?


Magellan is close at hand.

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Magellan is close at hand.

Find out more …


As experienced project managers we support your company in implementing today’s increasingly stringent data protection requirements – both domestically and internationally. In the process, with our recognised high level of consulting expertise we create effective solutions and therefore real added value for your company.


Modern business processes are changing your system landscape through collaboration, cloud and mobility. The security of your IT system is of central importance here. An end-to-end security concept including certification and audits is a real challenge, but at the same time it also provides a solid basis for your growth strategy.


Data protection is known to be our core competence. However, at the same time we don’t lose sight of the big picture. Our lawyers are also recognised specialists in IT law, intellectual property law, employment law and all related legal fields. And of course, if necessary, we also represent our clients in court.

The benefits “embedded tech lawyering®”
provides you with

  • As lawyers, we naturally contribute our legal expertise from the outset
  • Together with your specialist departments we organise all the necessary steps
  • We clarify IT issues directly and on the same wavelength as your IT department
  • We mediate between areas that usually have no points of contact because we know them and their differences well

This is possible because we form interdisciplinary teams of lawyers, process designers and computer scientists. On request we can also provide an external data protection officer. And it goes without saying that we have excellent contacts with the supervisory authorities throughout Germany.

So you can once more concentrate fully on your own operations, because we provide you with all the support you need.

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On call: your data protection officer
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The appointment of a data protection officer is mandatory for many companies in Europe. Our consultants are without exception external data protection officers who have been expertly tested and certified by prestigious training organisations. And they come with wide-ranging practical experience and provide you with the flexibility you need. We’ll be happy to support you.


In dealing with patient data many special regulations need to be observed by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical device manufacturers, health insurance companies and pharmacies.

This applies all the more to organisations wishing to break new ground in patient care.

We’ll be happy to support you with our tried-and-tested solutions.


Advertising works best when you have in-depth knowledge of the needs of your target group and can advertise to customers and prospects in as personal a manner as possible. This also applies in view of the strict requirements imposed by the ePrivacy Directive on newsletters, cookies, tracking pixels and the like.

We’ll keep you informed about how this will work in the future.


When it comes to data protection, our working environment is subject to dynamic changes. Providing an employee with a personal locker is no longer enough. IP-based technologies, teamwork and the desire to be able to work from anywhere leave behind huge streams of data. We’ll be happy to tell you how to deal with these and avoid risks.

In only two days we knew our timetable in the matter of data protection basic regulation. With Magellan, it’s now our turn.

Nicole Jaskolla, Agiles GmbH & CO. KG

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When it comes to data protection, Magellan is the preferred training provider of the TÜV Süd Academy. Check out our lecturers for yourself:


  • Training courses throughout Germany at your company
  • Individual training content
  • Tailored to your requirements

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Trust is not just good – it’s also the basic requirement for any successful cooperation.
And in addition to clarifying expectations, this includes transparency with regard to fees.

To make sure that you get value for money, even before the start of what we hope
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