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External data protection officers pay off.

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In terms of cost, too

Of course, the obvious thing to do is to appoint one of your own employees as the data protection officer. But just because it’s obvious, it’s not the best solution.

This is because your in-house data protection officer can’t be dismissed, is not subject to instructions and often becomes the new “enemy” within his or her circle of colleagues. Overnight a committed employee is confronted with a variety of topics for which he or she usually lacks the technical competence. The result in most cases is an isolated employee who feels uncomfortable and insecure in this new role.

And it is precisely this insecurity, together with a lack of expertise, that is the worst possible basis for the corporate data protection strategies you are looking for.

From this point of view an external data protection officer could well make sense – at least in the initial stages.

What does the perfect external data protection officer look like?

If you ask us, just like our own experts. After all, these are external data protection officers with extensive practical experience and have been expertly tested and certified by prestigious training institutes.

All Magellan data protection officers have many years of in-house experience in a wide variety of companies and, in their capacity as external data protection officers, take on a large variety of tasks in various industries. They know the market and the solutions you need.

This is the only way to ensure that the necessary measures are implemented efficiently and in line with your individual needs. Always with the aim of creating legal security and data protection-compliant processes while intervening as little as possible in your existing workflows.

At a glance: all the advantages of an external data protection officer from Magellan

  • A task-oriented service provider instead of another employee not subject to instructions
  • Variable contract terms instead of an employee who can’t be dismissed
  • Reduction of your own liability risk thanks to expertly tested and certified legal advice
  • Fixed and calculable cost structure. No costs for releasing your own employees during basic and advanced training. Internal capacities are not required.
  • A trusted external third party as an independent supervisory body in place of your own staff who are involved with colleagues, and the conflict of interests this can lead to.
  • Continuous legal security through seamless legal and IT consulting. No internal cover required for illness or holidays.
  • High acceptance of external technical opinions due to existing technical expertise
  • Proven expertise, comprehensive industry know-how and sound IT understanding
  • Project managers with process experience. Efficient project management and establishment of business-friendly processes.
  • Tried-and-tested, individually tailored solutions
  • Excellent contacts with supervisory authorities

Impressive personalities with a great deal of expertise. Wonderfully offensive, if required.

Rainer Aigner Geschäftsführer, IWM GmbH – Aigner Offensiv

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