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In today’s fast-paced world of instant global connectivity, the distribution of data and IT infrastructures defies national borders. So does MAGELLAN. With a constantly growing team of highly specialized lawyers and data protection advisers, we deliver cutting-edge legal and business solutions to medium and large corporations around the globe.

The global regulation of personal data nowadays permeates every layer of our society and our economy. Businesses all around the world – whatever their principal line of business or products – depend to at least some degree on the processing of information under a variety of circumstances.

With its unique approach to all things IT and data protection, MAGELLAN can count leaders of the technology and media industry to its clients. On our way to a global data protection powerhouse, we are continuously redefining the notion of data protection for diverse customers from all sectors of the economy.

Our approach to serving our clients is informed by a number of strictly performance and output oriented criteria, something we call the three MAGELLAN Service Pillars. Those are:

  • MAGELLAN is fluent in tech and legal language. Therefore, we deliver 360 degree solutions for our clients, meaning that every solution we present incorporates the necessary technical as well as legal aspects. MAGELLAN provides you with final contracts that incorporate and resolve all data privacy and related technical issues. The time for draft documents that are a drain on your company’s resources are finally over.
  • MAGELLAN employs the unique “embedded tech lawyering” framework when we advise our clients. We become a part of the relevant business unit(s), we breathe and live a company’s products and philosophy. And we implement legal tech solutions instead of just talking about them in Memoranda. MAGELLAN will translate between your Operations, Legal and IT-Department. MAGELLAN is speaking the language of all parties involved.
  • MAGELLAN offers unique and highly individualized service fees that allow our clients to specifically identify the added value our services have produced for their business.

In the second decade of the 21st century, data protection law more than ever has become a defining global issue of our times. Those businesses that can adapt to the changing demands of an ever more empowered global customer audience will be the industry leaders of tomorrow’s Internet of things.

We at MAGELLAN see ourselves as businesses’ constant companion in the struggle to become part and parcel of the next tidal wave of interconnectedness and an incubator of innovative data protection solutions.

Welcome to the future of global data protection and IT law. Welcome to MAGELLAN Global.

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